05.13.2017 -  
Every 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:00 AM. Call (541) 341-3999 or email at and direct inquires to Karen Lacey.
05.13.2017 -  
Men's Prayer at 9:00 AM every 4th Saturday. Location to be announced. Call (541) 341-3999 or email us at and direct inquires to Sam Brown.
01.07.2017 -  
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the adverse weather conditions we have canceled church. We pray that each of you have a blessed week. Stay home if you can. Read your word and pray for one another. Remember it's important to come together, as well as, read the word of God. Prayer begins at 6:00 pm followed by Bible study at 7:00pm. God Bless Pastor Q
08.21.2016 -  
Do you need the Giver of LIFE to pour into your spirit? Are you satisfied with mediocracy? Prepare your hearts and minds for a word from the LORD! Come worship with the BT Family and be BLESSED! If JESUS came unexpectedly to your house I wonder what you'd do?